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fed crypto

U.S. Fed crypto interest rate hike causes surge

U.S. Fed Crypto interest rate hike of 75 basis points attempts to combat rising inflation, from stocks and bonds to cryptocurrencies.

crypto mining ban

Crypto mining ban enacted by New York State Legislature

A look at the recent news of a bill enacted by the New York State Legislature which will implement a crypto mining ban due to the industries usage of fossil fuels.


Status Quo on Amazon Cryptocurrency Development

Although Amazon cryptocurrency was rumored, the company still doesn't accept cryptos as payment for products.

btc price

BTC Price: Bitcoin Update

BTC price is now trading at $28K, indicating that it is highly oversold, as evidenced by RSI levels around 30%.


Crypto Mining Rig and Hash Rate: Know Your Crypto

Do you know your crypto mining rig from your hash rate? Here we explain some crucial cryptocurrency mining terms.


US Government Inching Closer to Regulating Crypto

The U.S. government is taking unprecedented steps to demonstrate just how serious the country is about regulating cryptocurrencies.

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