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crypto analyst

Crypto analyst view correlates with UK parliamentary sentiment

Crypto analyst Madeleine Hume agreed with the UK MP Hancock who said that crypto integration into the existing British financial system is crucial

singapore cracks down on crypto

Singapore Regulator’s Clampdown on Crypto

Hawkish sentiment on Singapore crypto space as the country’s regulatory body aims to clamp down on illicit behaviours in the market.

UK secondary: crypto tax UK

Crypto tax UK situation may propel the country into crypto haven

When it comes to crypto tax, UK may seem to have it all since the country’s politicians are rapidly working on establishing a stable and attractive regime.

crypto mining ban

Crypto mining ban enacted by New York State Legislature

A look at the recent news of a bill enacted by the New York State Legislature which will implement a crypto mining ban due to the industries usage of fossil fuels.

crypto valley

Crypto Valley: Hub for Blockchain

Switzerland is quickly becoming the global hub for blockchain innovation. The Crypto Valley is a magnet to crypto start-ups and investors.

crypto regulations

Crypto Regulations 2022 and Beyond

A deep dive into the future of crypto regulations. Find out what countries are most likely to adopt new rules and how they'll affect the crypto space.

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