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Uzbekistan Cracks Down on Crypto Exchange Licenses

4, October, 2021

Uzbekistan has identified a number of crypto exchanges that have been operating without a license, according to bank.

Authorities Investigating Crypto Tax Evasion in Japan

4, October, 2021

Tax authorities in Japan have been investigating tax evasion of cryptocurrency transitions in the Kanto region.

Swiss Bank Achieves Crypto First

29, September, 2021

FINMA-licensed Swiss Bank, SEBA has been granted a license to offer digital crypto assets which is a first for Switzerland.

Elon Musk Tells Regulators to ‘Do Nothing’ on Crypto

29, September, 2021

Speaking at the Code Conference in California, Elon Musk suggested the US Government should avoid regulating crypto markets.

Revolut to Launch its Own Crypto Token

29, September, 2021

Revolut, a London based FinTech company, has recently announced expansion of the firm as there are plans to launch its own crypto token.

Switzerland News: First-Ever Crypto Fund Approved

29, September, 2021

Switzerland news: financial regulator has approved a crypto investment fund offered by a subsidiary of the country's stock exchange.

'Crypto Regulation Could Lead to Success'

28, September, 2021

Cryptocurrency trading platforms are more likely to succeed if they submit to existing crypto regulation, according to US SEC boss.

Cryptocurrency Needs More Women, Says Exchange Boss

28, September, 2021

A leading figure in cryptocurrency exchange trading says the industry can create more opportunities for women within crypto.

Bank of England Considering Tighter Crypto Rules

23, September, 2021

Bank of England have warned of considering tough new rules to prevent British banks from building up exposure to crypto assets.

Airbnb CEO Speaks on Crypto Payments

23, September, 2021

The CEO of Airbnb, Brian Chesky, has spoken on receiving requests about the possibility of the company introducing crypto payments.

Saule Omarova to be Nominated as Head of OCC

23, September, 2021

US President Joe Biden will nominate anti-crypto and skeptical Saule Omarova for the position of OCC, who previously argued for its banning.

PSV Football Team to Hold Bitcoin on Balance Sheet

22, September, 2021

PSV, has announced that it is now holding Bitcoin (BTC) on its balance sheet following partnership with Bitcoin exchange, Anycoin Direct.

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