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Do Modi's Comments Signal Crypto Shift in India?

19, November, 2021

Do comments by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi signal a shift regulation of crypto by India, or just confusion?

Metaverse from Facebook has Begun- 3 Coins to Watch

16, November, 2021

Metaverse Facebook News: Mega investment of $10 billion into creating “the metaverse” should pique the curiosity of crypto communities. 

Crypto Earnings: Don't Give Up The Day Job

13, November, 2021

New research has shown that crypto earnings have led to 4% of Americans giving up work, although the majority were low earners.

Mastercard Joins Crypto Payment Cards Project in Asia

13, November, 2021

Mastercard has confirmed it has joined crypto payment cards projects in Asia, providing card holders with a new way to pay by crypto.

Teach Global Blockchain Technology in Schools: NY Mayor

12, November, 2021

After announcing he wanted to be paid in Bitcoin, New York Mayor-elect says global blockchain technology should be taught in schools.

Twitter Embraces Crypto with Dedicated Team

11, November, 2021

It's time for Twitter Crypto... social media giant Twitter is creating a team dedicated to cryptocurrency and related tech.

Bitcoin Miners Look Towards More Sustainable Energy

11, November, 2021

Bitcoin miners in the mining industry are planning to move towards nuclear energy as pressure to go green increases.

Bank of England CBDC Would Take ‘Several Years’

10, November, 2021

Senior Government member admits a Bank of England digital currency, or UK CBDC, may not arrive until the second half of this decade.

Will Elon Musk Sell £21bn of Tesla Stocks?

9, November, 2021

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, recently asked his Twitter followers whether or not he should sell 10% of his stocks in the company.

‘GameFi Eco-System’ Fund $100m launch

6, November, 2021

The adoption of blockchain technology continues apace with new and exciting avenues, presenting themselves on a weekly basis.

Crypto Assets Banking Arrives Down Under

5, November, 2021

Commonwealth Bank has proclaimed itself the first Australian bank to offer customers the ability to buy, sell and hold crypto assets.

KuCoin Crypto Launches Metaverse Space

4, November, 2021

Crypto exchange KuCoin has launched a 'virtual skyscraper' office space with 21 levels in the Bloktopia metaverse.

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