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Ripple News: Partnership with Nelnet

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Ripple, provider of the leading enterprise blockchain solution for payments, announced a new partnership with Nelnet, a financial services company based in Lincoln, US.

New Liquidity Options

Through this partnership, Ripple's xRapid product will provide new liquidity options to ensure affordable, efficient and fast money transfers for the education industry.

"As education is heavily reliant on sending remittances to foreign countries, there's no better partner than Ripple to advance the already existing robust network within the higher education vertical ," said Carol Coye Benson, an executive vice-president at Nelnet.

The Ripple platform provides a seamless experience to transfer money globally with on-demand liquidity, assurance level, and transparency in a fraction of a second through its product xRapid. The investment will fund solar energy projects in the US in order to support a more stable and cleaner energy future.

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