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Crypto tax UK situation may propel the country into crypto haven

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Commenting on crypto tax, UK Conservative MP Matt Hancock said that the country needs to be more liberal in its approach to regulation. He argued it should introduce an “attractive” regime so it can maintain its position as the cryptocurrency hub of Europe. “The tax and regulatory regime needed to be dealt with quickly”, Hancock stated.

His words were heard by the ex-Chancellor Philip Hammond who said England is slowly trotting after its competitors regarding the regulation of digital assets since some countries, such as Korea, already decided on a crypto tax that would be optimal for consumers. He stated the UK must activate itself quickly since, for now, it doesn’t look like it will maintain its position as a global cryptocurrency center. “It isn't too late for us to catch up and recover, but we are getting very close to the point where it will be too late,” he said and added development around legislation of the whole digital asset industry moves pretty slowly.

Hammond stated that the FCA should have been faster in employing the industry experts. “We need the industry, to provide us with the talent to work up the regimes we need to introduce,” he said.

Crypto tax, UK free zone

Still, there are more possibilities and reasons why we think the UK could become the real global hub when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Let's look at the advantages of being headquartered in the UK Channel Islands. The Isle of Man gives investors a pretty good opportunity for their crypto-based, with 0% standard rate of corporate tax, no capital gains tax and personal tax rates that are among the lowest in Europe.

The self-governing British Crown dependency has been a famous IT and financial hub for years and with it being more welcoming towards the cryptocurrency industry – UK Channel Islands seem like an attractive home to the crypto participants.

Also, according to a new PwC Channel Islands report, one in five British citizens already own cryptocurrency. With that in mind and Tether recently launching a stablecoin pegged to the British pound - these are supportive signs that the UK that bodes well for the future prospects of the UK being a crypto hub.

Author: Teuta Franjkovic

Author: Teuta Franjkovic

A sincere writer with a strong will to share knowledge on all things blockchain, crypto, metaverse and DeFi. Starting out as a writer with Cosmopolitan, Teuta has risen through the ranks of business journalism, editing newspapers and websites within the fintech industry for over 15 years. She holds a double MA in Public Politics and Entrepreneurship.


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