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Airbnb CEO Speaks on Crypto Payments

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The CEO of Airbnb, Brian Chesky, has spoken on receiving requests about the possibility of the company introducing crypto payments.

Crypto Payments Requests

During an interview with Liz Claman on the Claman Countdown show, Chesky said "We get alot of requests at Airbnb, I've been getting it for years, I have nothing to annouce on it today".

Claman had asked about the possibility of accepting digital currency for payment, to which Chesky replied that "you can imagine if hotels had their own currency". In a more recent post on Twitter, Chesky said "Our philosophy at Airbnb regarding cryptocurrencies is this: We want to be appropriate with how we implement it and make sure were taking those momentous steps, and we're doing it thoughtfully".

He continued his interview with Claman by saying "We don't want to try and kill bitcoin nor do we want to participate in the hype of cryptocurrency, but we believe there will be a global currency that has a volatility that's similar to its peers like gasoline or gold."


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