Invest in your community

  • Bringing together the best of a social platform token and a Security Token

  • $MONI informs the way users engage with Moni Talks, whether they trade, talk, or learn.

  • $MONI shares the values of transparency, responsibility, security, and purpose.

  • Early adopters who invest more than $100,000 during the Pre-IEO will attract additional benefits.

  • As one of the oldest EVM chains, Fantom enjoys a 99.9% uptime efficient transactions.

  • Fantom’s shared values of transparency and engagement as well as the next-level tech helped inform our choice.

Trade Moni is dedicated to making crypto trading accessible to all with a secure, usable exchange that lets you trade with confidence. We provide the trading tools you need - whether you are new to crypto or an experienced trader - and make it simple to get involved. Backed by market-leading security and a team focused on safety, transparency, and responsible trading, trade moni offers quick sign up, a wide choice of digital assets, including bitcoin and altcoins like ethereum, the latest market data, and trading instruments you need. Trade Moni is a safe, supportive environment, with our customer support always ready to help, a community of fellow crypto enthusiasts to chat to, and free news, education, and data at your fingertips.


Learn Moni knows that knowledge is power, and it is our mission to ensure everyone has free and easy access to information to help them navigate the volatile, fast-paced crypto markets. Moni Talks believes in safe, responsible trading, which is why we developed Learn Moni. Our range of free crypto education tools, which we will keep adding to, are designed to help you better understand and safely engage with the world of cryptocurrency, whatever your level of experience. Researched, informative content, articles, podcasts, and commentary, combined with quick-read guides, make Learn Moni a valuable resource to enhance your crypto education and ensure you know how to do your own research.


Talk Moni is a dedicated cryptocurrency social platform where users share, engage, learn, debate, and connect. It is a crypto-focused community where peers can chat, swap opinions, and discuss the topics that matter to them, whatever they care about and whatever their level of experience in cryptocurrency. Talk Moni believes your voice matters and has created a platform to encourage you to make it heard, sharing your passion and knowledge with fellow crypto and blockchain enthusiasts. As users engage with Talk Moni, they will be rewarded with shields and trophies which can be exchanged for our utility token, $MONI, making using our platform a truly rewarding experience.


Alongside the token's model, we have factored the allocation and distribution of $MONI, the supply and emission schedule, the market capitalisation of the project, and earning, spending and burning events into our tokenomics. $MONI is about sharing. Users can earn and burn $MONI by engaging with the Moni Talk platform, with rewards for every habit and behaviour, enhancing the value of the token.


Our Pre-IEO also gives early adopters an even greater share in our project. When you invest $100,000 or more you not only receive actual shares in Moni Talks, but you also become part of our internal ecosystem, contributing to our Think Tank and sharing your experience, expertise, and insight to steer the project's growth potential and return.


In cryptocurrency, knowing your numbers is vital. You have to understand the market, the potential, the value, and the goals. At Moni Talks, our detailed market research has ensured our grasp of the numbers is firm, informing every step of our project development. But we also believe that it is vital that you know our numbers too. As part of our commitment to our commitment to transparency, we will share and update our figures, publicly, as our journey grows. We want you to know what’s happening, from the size of our community to the number of $MONI tokens sold, and will continually update you so, when it comes to Moni Talks, you can be confident that you know your numbers.


Our core executive team delivers leadership and inspiration to the Moni Talks ecosystem, enabling our internal teams to flourish and shine while optimising results from our external partners in vital areas including security, liquidity, regulatory adherence, and more. There are no ‘Satoshi’ figures here – our leadership is transparent and visible.


Founding Director @ MONITALKS


Chief Operating Officer @ MONITALKS


Head Of Compliance and MLRO @ MONITALKS


Chief Technology Officer @ MONITALKS


Upon completion of beta testing within our community, and comprehensive pen testing in Q4 2023, the Moni Talks platform will be live in January 2024.

Unlike other cryptocurrency projects, Moni Talks is first and foremost a crypto-centric social platform focused on community engagement. We give our tribe a dedicated platform to talk, trade, and learn, fully immersing themselves in the crypto world surrounded by peers of all levels of experience. Our network for sharing crypto insights, opinions, and experiences, and connecting with fellow cryptocurrency enthusiasts, also supports accessible education tools, independent news, and secure, responsible digital asset trading, all within the same ecosystem.

The $MONI utility token will complement the Moni Talks platform and act as a bridge between Moni Talks and its community, where users’ habits, behaviours, and engagement will be rewarded, along with promotion Moni Talks globally.

We are in advanced negotiations with several exchanges regarding the listing of $MONI as we prepare for our Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).

We will raise $24 million, 50% of which will be via private venture capital, angel, and seed investor groups. The remaining 50% will be raised publicly through our pre-IEO platform.


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