The Social Side of Crypto: Moni Talks Highlights Progress on Talk Moni Platform.

26, October, 2023
| 3 minutes read

In a recent update, Moni Talks provides a comprehensive overview of the significant strides made within its ecosystem, with a specific focus on the imminent launch of its dedicated cryptocurrency community space, Talk Moni.

About Talk Moni: Fostering a Crypto Community

At the heart of Moni Talks lies the commitment to create a thriving online community dedicated to crypto and digital...

Moni never sleeps

Crypto Events on Moni Talks' Agenda

8, November, 2023
| 2 minutes read

Our diaries are packed with crypto events where we will be networking, promoting Moni Talks, and sharing our vision of disrupting the cryptocurrency space.

Crypto Events

A highlight of the coming weeks is being invited to attend the prestigious [Scale-Up Awards](

From ExchangeKing to Moni Talks

9, October, 2023
| 2 minutes read

Moni Talks, a trailblazer in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, delves into the origin and evolution of its brand in this week's edition of Beyond the Boardroom.

From ExchangeKing to Moni Talks: A Strategic Shift

Moni Talks' Founder sheds light on the initial stages when the p...

Moni Talks Solidifies Partnership with ComplyAdvantage

28, September, 2023
| 2 minutes read

Moni Talks, a steadfast advocate for the security of its users and the integrity of the cryptocurrency space, continues to reinforce its commitment to safety with a strategic partnership with ComplyAdvantage.

Navigating the Changing Crypto Landscape

In a period w...

Moni Talks Ecosystem: Next Phase

18, August, 2023
| 2 minutes read

Moni Talks, a leading player in the cryptocurrency sector, is excited to share the latest advancements achieved in its ongoing platform development phase. The dedicated technical team at Moni Talks has been diligently working to bring the next stages of the platform's evolution closer to...

Moni Talks Forms Strategic Partnership with MIRACL

27, July, 2023
| 2 minutes read

The Challenge with Passwords and 2FA

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Moni Talks' commitment to user security and improved user experience (UX). Passwords have long been the standard method for user authentication, but they present significant security risks, leaving user acco...

Moni Talks FFE Membership Announced

19, July, 2023
| 2 minutes read

This strategic move reflects Moni Talks' unwavering commitment to safeguarding users, combating financial crime in the cryptocurrency world, and upholding the reputation of the crypto industry.

A Focus on Safety and Security

Safety and security remain top priorities as Moni Talks prepares to lau...

Tokenomics and Gamification: A Crucial Phase

6, July, 2023
| 3 minutes read

Tokenomics and Gamification

At Moni Talks, one of the most exciting aspects of our work is how we approach every task, no matter how complex or challenging.

Our team demonstrates professionalism, inquisitiveness, and a sense of fun in every project, regardless of its intricacies o...

Fantom Foundation: The Blockchain of Choice for Moni Talks

1, July, 2023
| 2 minutes read

After a meticulous evaluation process, Moni Talks has chosen Fantom as the ideal blockchain to propel its crypto community to new heights.

Ethereum and Polygon: A Consideration

While Ethereum's reputation as a reliable and substantial blockchain is u...

Moni Talks Q2 Updates and Improvements

1, July, 2023
| 2 minutes read

Moni Talks, the leading cryptocurrency community, is proud to announce the latest developments in its ongoing efforts to create a seamless and engaging user experience for its community members. With a strong focus on website performance and security and the successful implementation of new features...

Explore Crypto Jobs with Moni Talks

31, May, 2023
| 2 minutes read

Are you passionate about the fast-growing blockchain sector and eager to delve into cryptocurrencies? Moni Talks presents an array of thrilling crypto jobs.

At Moni Talks, you are part of a rapidly expanding team that is driving innovation and growth within the cryptocurrency community.

Our O...

Moni Talks Backs Go:Tech Awards 2022

31, May, 2023
| 2 minutes read

Cryptocurrency sector disruptor Moni Talks is lending its backing to awards celebrating technology innovators and pioneers.

The crypto platform, developed using cutting-edge tech, has committed to sponsoring the Go:Tech Awards for two years.

Moni Talks Chief Executive Office Lisa Armstrong said it...

Moni Talks is in Business Leader Magazine

24, May, 2023
| 1 minute read

Have you read Moni Talks' latest article in Business Leader magazine?

Business Leader Magazine is the go-to resource for those interested in business, finance and all corners of the corporate space with both digital and print editi...

Cybersecurity and Safeguarding Moni Talks Users

3, April, 2023
| 1 minute read

Our Commitment to Cybersecurity

With the recent hacking incident involving the crypto lender Euler, we are reminded of the importance of cybersecurity in today's digital landscape.

Taking Proactive Measures

At Moni Talks, we believe in proactive action to pr...

Go:Tech Awards 2023: Recognising Innovation

1, March, 2023
| 2 minutes read

When Moni Talks was founded, the primary objective was to explore, learn, and deploy innovative technology.

The team aimed to create an accessible, user-friendly, and secure cryptocurrency community that stays at the cutting edge of emerging tech, including blockchain and DeFi.


Embracing Crypto Regulation: A Focus on Good Governance

6, January, 2023
| 2 minutes read

Moni Talks, a leading advocate for thoughtful regulation in the crypto space, highlights the importance of protecting consumers and fostering a secure environment.

This article explores how cryptocurrency is embracing the concept of regulation in the post-FTX crash ...

Business Leader: Blockchain The Key To A Sustainable Future?

30, July, 2022
| 1 minute read

Our founder, Brendan Beeken, has written an article on blockchain for the July 2022 issue of Business leader magazine.

The article links two very important issues - blockchain technology and sustainable technology to...

Moni Talks Vision Unveiled

1, April, 2022
| 2 minutes read


Moni Talks, a new approach to cryptocurrency, has been officially announced.

Moni Talks is a dedicated global platform devoted to the crypto community and founded on principles of integrity, transparency, responsibility, and security. It aims to d...

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