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Moni Talks is the brainchild of Founder and Chairman, Brendan Beeken, who began with a simple vision; to create a safe, secure crypto community to encourage the sharing of views, opinions and education, and to provide a user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange which promotes responsible trading.

At the heart of the project would be the core principles of integrity, transparency, accountability, openness and honesty.

Incorporated in the Isle of Man, and registered with the Island's Financial Services Authority as a Designated Business under the Designated Businesses (Registration & Oversight) Act 2015, in early 2021, development accelerated. The team, working with industry-leading global partners, carefully created a bespoke platform which not only met Brendan's ambitions, but exceeded them.

Moni Talks is not just a cryptocurrency exchange - Trade Moni - with exceptional security, insurance and financial authority oversight. It is also an accessible education hub - Learn Moni - with free learning tools for all, from novice to experienced trader.

Proudly based in the Isle of Man, Moni Talks is setting new standards in the cryptocurrency industry. This is your place to learn, talk and trade, safely and securely.

Join the future of crypto. Join Moni Talks.

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